Like seedlings, every child has unique potential to grow. And like the water and sunshine that nurture the seedlings, our teaching methods draw out the child’s potential. The New Life curriculum, inspired by Reggio-Emilia and Waldorf, uses a holistic, integrated and child-focused approach to make learning authentic and enjoyable.

As they learn and play, each child discovers their uniqueness and strengths, developing their skills and good character through exploration and intentional learning.

Relationships and inquiry are foundational to our pedagogy because of our model of the child as Competent, Communicative and Community-based learner.

  • We believe that children are competent learners, born equipped to engage in learning actively. Thus we seek to provide opportunities for active engagement through inquiry processes.
  • We also firmly believe that children communicate about the world that surrounds them. Healthy relationships are important for allowing children to express and refine their ideas about the world.
  • Lastly, we believe that children learn best in community settings. As social beings, children’s capacity for independent inquiry goes hand-in-hand with building relationships with parents, teachers and others in their social sphere.

These foundational premises inform our educational approach at every stage of children’s development. Teachers use a combination of structured, facilitated and unstructured learning experiences to help children meet developmental milestones at a comfortable pace.

We also believe in taking a bilingual approach to teaching and learning. Each class is assigned an English and a Chinese teacher, who co-plan and facilitate complementary lessons to enhance the children’s learning experience.

Early Years

0 – 3 Years Old

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Preschool Years

4 – 6 Years Old

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Little Lights Programme

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The best way to learn is through experience. Come down for a visit and experience our centres for yourself!