Creating safe and nurturing environments for our preschoolers is crucial for parents. The adverse effects of bullying on a child’s welfare make it essential for us to address this problem.

Understanding Bullying

Bullying is where a child repeatedly uses intentional physical, verbal, or other methods to assert their power or humiliate or hurt others. Timely intervention requires parents, teachers, and other trusted adults to identify signs of bullying, which could be subtle changes in their behaviour, unexplained wounds or bruises after school, or suddenly being fearful of specific situations or settings.

Addressing Bullying if Your Child is a Victim

For our little ones, it is crucial to offer a secure and encouraging environment when addressing any bullying encounters. Provide validation to show support and help them understand it is not their fault (regardless of what the bully says). If it happened at preschool, report the incident to the teacher, who should address the issue with the other child and parents. Unresolved and ongoing bullying can grow into very harmful tactics.

While it is necessary to seek immediate help from trusted adults if they face bullying situations, we need to teach our young children assertiveness techniques. Strategies, such as standing tall, displaying confident body language, and saying “no” to bullies will help empower them to navigate confrontational situations.

… if Your Child is a Witness to Bullying

Listen to your child’s account of the incident and let them know they did the right thing by telling you. Emphasising how bullying is unacceptable reinforces why it’s important to stand up for others and show kindness and respect. Depending on the nature of the incident, you can notify the parents of the children involved as well as report it to the school. It will also allow you to gauge the school’s response and policies regarding bullying.

… if Your Child is a Bully

If you discover your child is engaging in bullying behaviour, it can be very unsettling. However, it is crucial to address the issue firmly and help them understand the impact of their behaviour on others. Sometimes parents may seek outside professional help if their child is showing signs of other emotional and behavioural issues. Therapy can benefit kids who are struggling with pent-up emotions. Resolving these issues earlier leads to better long-term outcomes for the child, so parents may seek outside professional help if their child is showing signs of other emotional and behavioural issues.

Building a Bully-Free Environment

A safe and inclusive environment for our preschoolers is essential for preventing and addressing bullying. By identifying signs of bullying and taking the steps to address it, parents and educators can cultivate a nurturing atmosphere that fosters kindness, empathy, and respect among young children. Together with us at New Life Childcare near Choa Chu Kang (In Junction 10), we can empower our little ones to grow into compassionate individuals who stand against bullying.