In this wired era, dominated by screens and gadgets, it is both refreshing and vital to celebrate the timeless connection that exists between humans and nature. The beauty of our fauna and flora holds a captivating power that ignites the imaginations of little explorers like nothing else can.

Despite being a bustling urban centre, Singapore has pockets of breathtaking natural beauty. Even though children find swings and slides delightful, there is something magical in watching how their eyes light up with wonder when they chance upon a beautiful butterfly or venture into the sun-drenched woods. A child’s endless potential for imagination seamlessly intertwines with nature and the intriguing world of animals.

Let’s take a walk-through of some ideas on how children can forge these bonds with nature from a young age and let their curiosity become an unforgettable adventure.

1. Enjoy Story Time with Animal Tales

Story time lets a child’s imagination soar, especially when the narratives highlight the extraordinary relationships between animals and caring humans. As children explore books that focus on showing kindness towards animals and nature, their young minds become captivated. While simultaneously developing seeds of empathy and compassion, they learn to nurture their enduring appreciation for the natural world.

Look out for those enchanting stories with colourful illustrations and endearing animal characters. Animal characters teach valuable lessons about empathy, such as helping a lost bird find its nest or being gentle with a wounded animal. These stories are great conversation starters to discuss why it’s important to be kind to animals.

2. Encourage Nature Walks and Outdoor Exploration

Take preschoolers on nature walks to explore the beauty of the natural world. There lies a world of enchanting animal encounters waiting to be explored in this vibrant city-state of Singapore amidst the skyscrapers and bustling streets. Arrange visits to petting zoos, animal sanctuaries, and local parks, and encourage immersive animal experiences (with safety in mind!).

Young adventurers will enjoy the walking trails and activities offered at Singapore Botanic Gardens or the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Help direct your children’s focus towards the sights and sounds of the animal kingdom and encourage them to ask questions about the animals and plants they come across.

3. Model Environmental Respect

As role models, we should foster kindness towards animals and nature by exhibiting the values we hope to impart, such as taking good care of our pets and incorporating eco-friendly practices into your family’s daily routines. Children need to learn the significance of recycling, conserving water and energy, and reducing waste to minimise the consequences for wildlife and the environment.

Get involved as a family in volunteer activities for community-based conservation efforts and help local organisations that work towards animal welfare and environmental conservation. When you and your child are actively involved in these initiatives, it shows how small and meaningful actions can protect and preserve the natural world.

Nurturing Young Guardians for Nature

At New Life Infant Care in Woodlands, we help to support and encourage a young generation of individuals to cherish and protect animals and nature. By nurturing an intense respect for the natural world and its inhabitants, parents and teachers can evoke a shared awareness for conservation and preservation. Through educational programs, immersive experiences, and community engagement, we can create environmentally conscious children who will work towards protecting our planet in the future.