We have a vibrant and caring community of teachers and staff who are committed to nurture every child.

Get to know our heartbeat in the stories below!

“我是雅英,在此工作11年。我的工作是准备孩子的下午茶点。孩子们最喜欢我做的江鱼仔通心粉、手工蛋糕和金瓜糕。 我也亲自准备较低糖分的豆花水,以确保孩子们的饮食健康。我很喜欢我的工作,因为这里环境好、空间宽阔、空气好。最难忘的事就是在年底看到孩子们的毕业典礼和表演、看到孩子们成长然后从这里毕业上小学。”

– Aunty Ah Eng, Cook

“I do the administrative work of running a childcare centre, which includes processing enrolment and assisting parents to apply for the ECDA subsidy. I also ensure that food, health and hygiene standards are met within the centre.

I enjoy meeting parents and children with different needs. I feel happy when I’m able to support children from low-income families by referring their parents to the different sources of financial assistance, including New Life Community Services’ Project Love support scheme. Being a cheerful and helpful person, my hope is to serve the community by impacting the lives of these parents and children.”

– Betty, Senior Administrative Assistant

”I plan meaningful activities for the children and teach them in all the different learning areas. I work closely with parents to encourage home-school partnership using prepared activities. I constantly communicate with parents, especially when their children have learnt new skills or if I need their support in their children’s learning and development at home.

I enjoy being surrounded by children. Their achievements are mine too. I feel fulfilled whenever they have learnt new skills or when they keep on talking about the things that I have taught them. Whether it’s an obstacle course race, tag game or any outdoor activities, I enjoy playing together with the children.

I also enjoy planning activities for the children, especially for our INquiry lessons. Every time I facilitate the activities, I’m always amazed by how intelligent the children are. I like it when they ask questions. I feel challenged by their questions, and it motivates me to work and learn more for them. The most fulfilling part for me is that I have a loving relationship with the children, and that their parents trust that I can teach and care for their children while they are at work.”

– Christina, Senior Preschool Teacher