4 – 6 years old

4 – 6 Years Old

Having gained a love for learning, preschoolers now learn to grow in proactiveness and confidence about their own abilities. Children in the Preschool Years Programme develop their cognitive and socio-emotional capacities through meaningful conversations, respectful and collaborative interactions, and inquiry-based learning. They are stretched to become capable achievers and positive contributors in the community.

INquiry Projects

At preschool levels, children undertake INquiry projects through a systematic yet dynamic, child-centric process, which facilitates authentic and enriching learning experiences with real-world applications and impact. The INquiry process is conducted bilingually to create an environment where children naturally pick up both English and their mother tongue.

They also grow in their capacities for evidence-based reasoning, creative problem-solving and respectful collaboration. Children grow to become active, enthusiastic agents of positive change in their community, connecting their classroom learning to real-world issues and contexts.

Our teachers also plan opportunities for children to learn specific 21st Century competencies (e.g. resilience, independence, creativity) and character values (e.g. patience, kindness, generosity). Children learn these competencies and values through meaningful engagements and intentional modeling.

Children will also develop the following capacities through our Preschool Years Programme:

  • Mathematical and scientific reasoning, and problem-solving skills
  • Literacy skills for comprehension, creative writing and articulation
  • Appreciation for Chinese language and culture
  • Physical endurance and appreciation of nature
  • Creativity of thought and expression, and artistic appreciation
  • Socio-emotional awareness and interpersonal skills